Monday, July 8, 2013

Halamang Gamot : Malunggay Leaves

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Malunggay - is found in tropical area like in my country philippines, Moringa oleifera Lam is a scientific name of MalunggayMoringa oleifera Lam is use as a herbal treatment in philippines 
In philippines maluggay is for poor people, because they grow in backyard, all of part in malunggay
 has a benefit from stems, roots, leaves, seeds, flowers and trunks. malunggay leaves can cook with eggs to helps mother to produce more milk for her newborn baby.

 Uses and Treatment/Benefits :

1. Leaves of malunggay can help the immune system to be strength if you take everyday
2. malunggay can help mother to produce more milk to her new born baby
3. one (1)  malunggay leaves is equal to 2 glass of fresh milk
4. Malungay leaves can help diabetics to be normalized the blood sugar.h
5. 2 x a week of taking malunggay leaves will be lessen your blood sugar in 50 %
6. to prevent diabeties take take malunggay leaves 3 x a week.
7. Malunggay is more nutrients and vitamins than carrot
8. Malunggay Leaves is more potassium  than banana
9. malungay has a compound to prevent cancer this is called (phytochemicals)
10. eating malungay a day, you can help to maintain your good eyesight.
11. malungay can be use a tea for a person have an asthma and fever.
12. if you are have a wound, malunggay leaves can be a temporary band aid to stop bleeding.
13. malunggay controls blood pressure.
14. malunggay can helps to prevent migraines.
15. malunggay can helps to prevent headaces.

How to Cook Malunggay leaves with itlog :

1. wash malunggay put in a pot
2. set two (2) cups of water
3. wait for 5 minutes
4. if you see the water is boiled put eggs
5. mix together
6. serve it to mother to help produce more milk to her baby

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Halamang Gamot : Sambong

                                                       Image Credits to : Original Uploader

 Sambong - is found in philippines, Blumea balsamifera (sambong in tagalog) is also found in tropical country like india and souhteast asia. Blumea basamifera are uses as herbal treatment in philippines.
Bluemea balsamifera is called (Sambong) in philippines, but in some cities and province Blue balsamifera is called subusob, sobsob or subsub in Ilocos Region, in Visayas part it is called as bukadkad.

Bluemea balsamifera (sambong) is approved by the DOH (Department of Health) as a Herbal medicine.

Sambong (Bluemea balsamifera) Uses and Treatment For : Following  List

1. Anti-gastralgic
2. Anti-diarrheic
3. Asthma
4. Boils
5. Bronchitis
6. Colds
7. Dysentery
8.  Edema
9.  Hypertension
10. Respiratory problems
11. Rheumatism
12. UTI
13. Sores
14. Respiratory problems
15. Stomachic
16. Sore throat
17. Sore
18. Worms
19. Dissolve kidney Stone

How to Cook : Bluemea balsamifera (sambong) 

If You Can Drink or Tsaa:
  1. Cut (sambong)  leaves in three pieces and then wash it use hot water for washing (sambong)
  2. Put (sambong) leaves in a cup 1 Cup of Sambong is Eqevalent for 2 glasses of water I think 210ml per Glass.
  3. Boil in low fire for 15 minutes without cover.
  4. Set aside, cool and strain.
    Drink 1/3 glass 3x a day.